It's The little Things

There are always those days. Where it seems that no matter how much good there is, bad triumphs. So i just go at life, one day at a time.
If you wanted to be here you would.

You make so many promises that you don’t keep. Are they intended to stall you or stall me?

— 11 months ago
I need someone to love me

This has become my place of emotional chaos. I need someone to love me. I don’t need someone to complete me. I just want someone to recognize how awesome I am. When I say that I feel like maybe I need to accept myself as being single before I look at going into a relationship. But, then I think about how I don’t appreciate things as much on my own as I do when I share them with others. IDK, like experiences and what not.

…. ugh.

I know that I need to be patient, but why? Why can’t I just find the most amazing person? Is it because I don’t deserve him? Does he not exist?


It’s so unfair. There are some days where I feel pretty and others where I just don’t want to be me. The bad ones are happening more often than I’d like them to. I tried to eat healthy, but it just wasn’t working. Probably because I’m ‘inasink’ but whatever.

I’m just exhausted. I want someone to snuggle with. I want someone to make me feel better instead of me always making them feel better. I just, want.

And I think thats the problem. Because I don’t need, all I do is want.

FUCK YOU LOGIC. But thanks for helping me figure it out.

I will find that one blonde guy and play games. That is all.

— 2 years ago